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May 01, 2015

Clara Beyer

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Dr. Gloria Smyth Presents Proposal for Congressional Lobotomy in 2016

The part-time brain surgeon, running for 5th district in Iowa, reveals bold new plan

(STORM LAKE, IOWA) – Today, Dr. Gloria Smyth presented a balanced proposal that all Members of Congress should get ready for a “medical lobotomy.”

Dr. Smyth’s plan, titled “Pathways to a Fiscally Responsible Future,” solves the problem of gridlock in Congress and funds initiatives to prioritize affordable housing, preserve funding for education and public safety, and make investments to put the Iowa’s 5th District on a path to improvement.

Each of these items was a key priority identified by Iowa’s residents at the doctor’s public engagement forums held throughout the spring of 2015.

Dr. Smyth’s proposal suggests that everyone in Congress receive a non-voluntary lobotomy to kickstart a season of understanding and compromise.

“My campaign has prided itself on being inclusive and transparent our proposals process,” said Dr. Smyth. “This plan will allocate funds where they are most needed, provide necessary improvements, and create new opportunities for Iowa’s 5th district.”


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