Her Story

Gloria Smyth achieved the American dream. She grew up in poverty on a small corn farm in Storm Lakes, Iowa. Her family had owned the farm for generations, and she expected to take it over one day, too. Since no one in her family had attended college, Gloria and her brothers never thought they would either.

Gloria faced many challenges during her childhood, but today she is thankful for all of them. Having to wake up early to help her parents on the short-staffed farm taught her the importance of family and perseverance. Working with her siblings to stack hay and plant corn taught her about communication and teamwork. She knows she was only able to succeed in her life because of the support she received from her family and mentors, and that’s why she eventually dedicated her life to supporting others.

As a teenager, she attended Storm Lake High School. It was there that she fell in love with the sciences, and with the encouragement of her parents, set her eyes on attending college and becoming a nurse. Her dreams almost came crashing down when she feared she would fail eleventh grade biology. But, with the support of her teacher, she passed the class and made her instructor a promise. “I’m going to be a doctor,” she told her. It was that moment that she hung up her overalls in search of the white coat.

Gloria soon graduated from Storm Lake High School and went on to study biology and medical ethics at Iowa State University. Her hard work paid off when she was then accepted into Harvard Medical School, where she studied to become a neurologist, and where she met her husband, Zach. They now live in Storm Lake Iowa, only a few miles from where she grew up. They have three children and one grandson.

Dr. Smyth devoted 27 years of her life to neurology. Never forgetting where she came from, she dedicated much of her career to serving those that could not afford to pay medical expenses. She has been honored by TIME Magazine, the American Medical Association, and Harvard University for her endeavours in treating thousands of patients at no cost, actually, often at her own expense. After dedicating her life to others for 27 years, she has now decided to do even more.

And that is why Dr. Smyth is running for Congress to represent Iowa’s 5th District.

Dr. Smyth spent her career as a doctor identifying obscure and complex diseases of the nervous system. She knows a problem when she sees ones, and that’s exactly what she sees in Washington. She sees a Washington that has been infected by career politicians, an influx of money, and bombastic rhetoric.

It’s time to lobotomize Congress.